Why are magnetic lashes better than falsies?

Natural eyelashes are made to minimize oxygenating into your skin, keep excess moisture out of your eyes, and absorb sunlight. The angled form and location of your eyelashes help shield your eyes from the elements. Eyelashes are incredibly effective at protecting your eyes and your vision.Everyone has noticed that the eyes are one of the most critical indicators of facial beauty. There is nothing wrong with adding thickness and length to your lashes through magnetic eyelashes, but there are a few threats about falsies users should be mindful of before deciding to use them.

How can falsies or eyelash extensions cause problems?

1.Allergic reactions in eye

Putting foreign material in your eye can cause problems for almost everyone, but particularly for allergy sufferers. The human body responds differently to different chemicals and materials. You may be allergic to false eyelashes not even realize it until they are in your eyes, causing discomfort and inflammation.

When it comes to unfavorable side effects, the glue used for eyelash extensions is usually the main culprit. Any of the sealants used contain formaldehyde and can cause severe allergic reactions. Formaldehyde is the same stuff used to embalm cadavers and a suspected carcinogen

2.Eye infections

Natural eyelashes shield the eyes from foreign objects, sweat, and dust, while low-quality, unsanitary false eyelashes will irritate and infect the eyes. False eyelashes collect bacteria and dirt, causing inflammation to the eyelids and skin. Conjunctivitis or infection of the cornea is also a side effect of this makeup essential. On the other hand length of lash extensions or falsies also needs your attention. According to a recent study, eyelash length is always 1/3 the width of the eye in height in 22 mammal species. This length is perfect for preventing dryness in the eyes, but any ratio greater than this encourages the accumulation of dust particles in the eye.

3.Eyelash deterioration

Have you ever wondered why your lashes are always falling out?

It has a kind of connection with the habit of wearing fake eyelashes all the time. The incorrect application of false lashes can damage your natural lashes. The added strain that false lashes apply to real lashes can also destroy hair follicles, halting eyelash development for the time being or permanently.

4.Inflammation of the eyelids

Falsies or eyelash extensions may cause eyelid and optical surface inflammation. Longer lashes provide a fan effect, allowing more air to flow to the ocular Surface with each blink. This allows the eyes to dry out more quickly, causing potential ocular surface damage and the eyelids’ inflammation.

Although there are still some risks to remember in the short and long term while using eyelash extensions, these have become a standard cosmetic treatment. If you can use high-quality fake eyelashes, or better than, you can safely wear falsies without any tension!


If you just like to wear eyelashes, make sure they are high-quality and hypoallergenic. These lashes should be attached with care and gentleness. Often, keep in mind that fake lashes can usually be worn on special occasions. Despite our best attempts to be cautious about your eye care, something will go wrong.

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